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Living A Faith Filled Life - Learning Peace

True inner peace comes with the recognition of the soverienity of God and resting in His promises for you.Pastor BobSunday,
May 15, 2022

Living a Faith Filled Life - Learning Contentment

Contentment is found in the sovereignty of God not the circumstances of life.Pastor BobSunday,
May 8, 2022

Living a Faith Filled Life - Learning the Language of Faith

From the Series Living a Faith Filled Life, this sermon is on learning the language of faith.Pastor BobSunday,
May 1, 2022

The Road to Hope

The disciples had lost hope when they had an encounter with Jesus. Many lessons that apply to use today.Pastor BobSunday,
April 24, 2022

He "Was" so you "Are" - SERMON ONLY

He "Was" so you "Are"Pastor BobSunday,
April 17, 2022

He "Was" so you "Are" - FULL SERVICE

He "Was" so you "Are"Pastor BobSunday,
April 17, 2022

Palm Sunday Children's Service

A Defining Moment. The children of the church lead the service. What a Blessing.All the ChildrenSunday,
April 10, 2022

A Defining Moment (Sermon Only)

Palm Sunday. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem it was a defining moment for the Jews. Would they worship Jesus as king or caesar?Pastor BobSunday,
April 10, 2022

The Prodigal Son.

The Pride of the Pharisee's is the main point of the Parable of the Prodigal Son.Pastor BobSunday,
March 27, 2022

"Lessons in Prayer"

The disciples ask "Teach us to Pray". In response Jesus gives us a model prayer and some guidance on persistence.Pastor BobSunday,
March 20, 2022

I will Follow Even if It Cost Me _________, you fill in the blank.

Three potential disciples say they will follow Jesus, but weren't willing to make Jesus first priority. How about you? What is "First" in your life?Pastor BobSunday,
March 13, 2022

Satan's Greatest Tools - "IF" and "I"

This weeks scripture is the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. Recognizing how Satan Tempted Jesus can give us tools to defeat his temptations in our lives.Pastor BobSunday,
March 6, 2022

Daniel 2 - Providence and Prophecy

God created a crisis that resulted in the pagan king worshiping him and elevating Daniel to a poistion of authority.Pastor BobSunday,
January 23, 2022

Revival - Close to the Cross, Far from Christ

Second Day of RevivalRoger RollerMonday,
November 8, 2021

Revival - Born Twice Die Once

First Day of RevivalRoger RollerSunday,
November 7, 2021