Biblical Preaching, Practical Applications

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Being a Witness during adversityPastor JohnSunday,
September 8, 2019
11:00 AM
Living Between "What is" and "What Will Be"Which reality are you living for? "What is" which is this world or "What Will Be" which is the Kingdom to come?Pastor BobSunday,
August 11, 2019
11:00 AM
150th Anniversary Message, Included is Children's puppet show. Sermon at 20:53Casting a vision for the next 150 yearsPastor BobSunday,
August 4, 2019
Christian Liberty - Full Service (Sermon at 20:00 mark)
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Unity is often disrupted by those who wish to impose their extra biblical preferences on others.Pastor BobSunday,
July 28, 2019
11:00 AM
Persistence in Prayer - Full ServiceWhy does God require Persistence in Prayers for things He knows we need?Pastor BobSunday,
July 21, 2019
The Good Samaritan - A Parable about Pride with a ProphecyWe always associate the parable of the good samaritan with loving our neighbors, and rightly so. But, I believe the central issue being addressed by Jesus is the pride of the Priest and the Levite.Pastor BobSunday,
July 14, 2019
Leaving a Godly Legacy - Lessons from AbrahamGod made a covenant with Abraham, but Abraham also disobeyed in ways that would affect his decedents for thousands of yearsPastor BobSunday,
July 7, 2019
11:00 AM
Biblical Focus
Jacob graduated high school this year and will be attending Liberty University with the goal of becoming a chaplain in the Air Force. Today he speaks on the importance of biblical focus.Pastor in Training Jacob CalhounSunday,
June 30, 2019
11:00 AM
What's Your Faith in?John is attending Liberty University with the goal of becoming a pastor. Today he has a message on FaithPastor JohnSunday,
June 23, 2019
11:00 AM
Serving Others through God Given MomentsJohn UllerySunday,
June 2, 2019
Two Appointments You Won’t MissIn our lives we make and break many appointments, but Hebrews 9:28 lists two appointments that everyone will keep.Pastor BobSunday,
May 26, 2019
Mother's Day - Hannah, A Profile in FaithHannah's Prayer of Faith is an example and model for each of us as we face the challenges in our lives.Pastor BobSunday,
May 12, 2019
11:00 AM
Living HopePeter tells us that the resurrection of Jesus has purchased us a Living Hope. Are you living into that living hope today, are you living a victorious life now, or are you waiting for the hereafter?Pastor BobSunday,
April 28, 2019
11:00 AM
Cantata / Christ Redeemed what was LostEaster Cantata with Sermon starting at 44:50 markPastor BobSunday,
April 21, 2019
Tears of MercyPastor BobSunday,
April 14, 2019
Will the Real Prodigal Please StandupIn the parable of the Prodigal Son, who is the parable really about?Pastor BobSunday,
March 31, 2019
11:00 AM
Christ, Our RockAnother theophany in the Old Testament pointing to the coming Messiah revealed in the New TestamentPastor BobSunday,
March 24, 2019
11:00 AM
Our Covenant GodGod's covenant with Abraham is a foreshadow of the New Covenant Jesus made on the crossPastor BobSunday,
March 17, 2019
11:00 AM
God made a wayMade made a way when we couldn't save ourselves through the Law.Pastor BobSunday,
March 10, 2019
11:00 AM
Listen to HimAt the transfiguration of Christ we see the transition from the old covenant to new covenant. God speaks and tells the disciples to listen to Christ.Pastor BobSunday,
March 3, 2019
11:00 AM
Do You Compromise?Daniel Stood firm serving God even in the face of death, would you?John UllerySunday,
February 24, 2019
11:00 AM
Sermon on the Mount - PossessionsJesus gave the Disciples the proper perspective on possessions. It still applies to us today.Pastor BobSunday,
February 17, 2019
11:00 AM
Life InterruptedJust as with the call of the Disciples, Jesus sometimes is working at the intersection of our lives and interruptions.Pastor BobSunday,
February 10, 2019
11:00 AM
The Temptation of JesusJesus faced and was victorious over the temptations we couldn't.Pastor BobSunday,
February 3, 2019
11:00 AM
What are you Living For?What are you living for, what are your priorities?Pastor BobSunday,
January 27, 2019
11:00 AM
Joshua - Being willing to be Used by GodBeing willing to be Used by GodJohn UllerySunday,
January 20, 2019
11:00 AM
Youth Sunday - David and GoliathOn the 5th Sunday's the Youth lead our Service. The Sermon is delivered by John Ullery.John UllerySunday,
December 30, 2018
11:00 AM
Christmas Eve ServiceThe babe in the manger is the creator of the Universe.Pastor BobMonday,
December 24, 2018
5:00 AM
Was it necessary for Jesus to become Human?God's plan has always included working through humanity, even you and I.Pastor BobSunday,
December 23, 2018
11:00 AM
Why did Jesus need to Come?God left us foreshadowings of the Christ child in the Old Testament. Listen for the Type found in Leviticus.Pastor BobSunday,
December 16, 2018
11:00 AM
Hanging of the Greens Service and SermonGod won the war before the battle began.Pastor BobSunday,
December 2, 2018
11:00 AM
God won the war before the battle began - Sermon OnlyGod often defeats the enemies in our lives while we are still hiding in the winepress like Gideon.Pastor BobSunday,
December 2, 2018
11:00 AM
Gideon the CowardGideon's refusal to accept responsibility for the idolatry of Israel, and continually asking for confirmation made him a coward. He will however become a conquerer.Pastor BobSunday,
November 25, 2018
11:00 AM
The Grinch’s who steal ThanksgivingThe things we have to be thankful for, and the things that steal our thanksgiving.Pastor BobSunday,
November 18, 2018
11:00 AM
Rejecting GodIsrael rejected God so they could be like the other nations. Have we rejected God?Pastor BobSunday,
November 11, 2018
Freedom is bought with Blood - Honoring our VeteransBecause of sin freedom has always been brought with blood, our eternal freedom was bought with blood on a cross.Pastor Bob Sunday,
November 4, 2018
11:00 AM
Bread Crumbs through time, Did God leave Clues for you?God's clues in the Old Testament pointing our way home.PasSunday,
October 28, 2018
11:00 AM
Your Position in Christ - Ephesians 2:1-10Our Position in ChristPastor Bob Sunday,
October 21, 2018
Are You a Pharisee? Mark 3:1-6The Pharisee's added to God's commandments and made them a burden, are you a Pharisee?Pastor Bob Sunday,
October 7, 2018

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