March 2, 2018, 3:09 PM

Another Shooting and Gun Control

Friday March 2nd and there has been yet another shooting at a school. This time it’s Central Michigan University, this comes on the heels of the mass murder of seventeen individuals at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. It seems this is a reoccurring event almost weekly now. In the midst of these tragedies many are locked in a heated debate about added regulations for guns, or in some cases the total ban on guns. Tempers are hot, and people are frustrated that our politicians can’t seem to agree on what to do. So, in the mist of this debate let me add my thoughts.


   First let me say that I’m not advocating for or against gun control, what I’m saying that that gun control is the low hanging fruit and misses the real root cause of the problem. A gun is simply a device, a mechanism if you will, the gun in and of its self is neither good or bad it is only an inanimate device. Guns cannot kill anyone unless some individual decides to pick it up, point it at someone else and pull the trigger. Guns have been a part of the American culture since our inception as a nation. When I was in high school we would often bring our guns to school to show our friends, or to hunt after school, but the thought of using it to kill our classmates never crossed our minds. Additionally, murders were a rare thing when I was young. If we had one or two murders a year within a hundred-mile radius then it was a bad year. Today murder is weekly occurrence, sometimes a daily occurrence.


My heart breaks for those who have lost loved ones to gun violence, and just let me say that these events are tragedies on all levels. However, I must ask the question what has changed from the days when I was in high school and murder was rare, and mass murders non-existent to today.


What has Changed?


Guns have always been available and as I said previously we would often bring them to school with us. So, I would say guns are not the root cause of the violence we are seeing, they are simply a tool in the hands of a person who has decided to murder. I believe that root cause is a change in society that has cheapened life, and the attitude that disagreements can be settled by taking another person’s life. I think several factors have played into this societal change.


First, the removal of God from our schools and public discourse. I grew up in a time when reading a verse of scripture and a prayer over the school intercom was the norm. Even if you weren’t a Christian, everyone had an understanding of biblical principles on life, value of life, fairness and morals. Not so today, today kids are taught a secular humanist belief that there aren’t absolutes, therefore we shouldn’t be surprised when choices are made that harm others. After all, if there aren’t any standards to judge by, then who’s to say that anything is wrong. Proverbs 14:12 says “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death”. I think we are seeing that.


Second, the legalization of abortion in 1973 and the subsequent killing of 40-50 million unborn babies also contributes to the cheapening of life. Scripture in Psalm 139:13-16; 22:9-10; 100:3; Job 31:15; Isaiah 44:2, 49:5 and Jer. 1:4-5 all talk about being known by God prior to birth. By viewing unborn babies as only a fetus that can be terminated on demand we have undermined sanctity of life.


Thirdly, the plaque of fatherlessness in our homes has sown seeds that we are just now beginning to reap. A recent article by Mark Meckler at[1] highlights that 26 of the last 27 mass shootings were committed by men (boys) raised in a fatherless home.


According to[2] fatherless homes account for:


Suicide: 63% percent of youth suicides

Runaways: 90% percent of all homeless and runaway youths

Behavioral Disorders: 85% percent of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders

High School Dropouts: 71% percent of all high school dropouts

Juvenile Detention Rates: 70% percent of juveniles in state-operated institutions

Substance Abuse: 75% percent of adolescent patients in substance abuse centers

Aggression: 75% percent of rapists motivated by displaced anger


Rejecting Gods plan for children to be raised by a father and mother in a monogamous marriage for life, leads to broken homes and broken children.


Married men and fathers must realize and embrace the truth that God has invested in them a special responsibility for the spiritual leadership that they should develop in relation both to their wives and children. Ephesians 5:25-6:4, Colossians 3:18-21. A father’s first responsibility is to acquaint his children with Scripture. The means and methods that fathers may use to teach God's truth will vary. As the father is faithful in role modeling, what children learn about God will put them in good standing throughout their earthly lives, no matter what they do or where they go.




Politicians can only treat the symptoms by further regulating guns is analogous to giving an aspirin to someone having a stroke. Guns are not killing people, people are killing people. The real solution is beyond the politicians’ grasp, but it is the church’s responsibility. Changing society and calling people back into relationship with Jesus Christ is our purpose and mission, to which I would say the church in America has failed. Jesus Christ is the only hope for stopping the killing, drugs and broken homes in America, and the church has been given the task of delivering that message.

So church are you tired of the killing yet?